in the Gospel of Mark

Why Mark was Written First –Watch Now!

Carl visits with Dr. Tom Shepherd about why biblical scholars believe the Gospel of Mark was written first and why it matters?

Who Wrote the Gospel of Mark? – Watch Now!

Dr. Shepherd discusses the authorship of the Gospel of Mark and explains what we know about the man whose name is attached to it.


What Makes the Gospel of Mark Unique? – Watch Now!

Dr. Tom Shepherd explains why Mark’s Gospel is different from the other New Testament Gospels and how it is organized.


Mark and the Order of the Gospels – Watch Now!

Dr. Tom Shepherd explains why Mark’s Gospel follows Matthew in Bibles today when Mark was actually written first.


Why Jesus Opposed the Pharisees – Watch Now!

Dr. Eike Mueller explains the nature of the conflict between Jesus and the Pharisees in Mark 7 and why it is important not only for Mark, but also for us today.


When Religious Tradition Should be Rejected – Watch Now!

Dr. Eike Mueller explains why Jesus rejected the purity traditions of the Pharisees and how their views where actually opposed to what God had intended.


Jesus and the Purifying of All Foods in Mark 7 – Watch Now!

Dr. Eike Mueller explains what Jesus meant in declaring all foods clean and its significance today.


How To Avoid Becoming a Modern-Day Pharisee – Watch Now!

Dr. Eike Mueller explains why an ancient argument over Jewish purity traditions in Mark 7 contains a surprising message that our world desperately needs today.

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