Stories and Footage from Reliving Mark

The Story Behind Reliving Mark – Watch Now!

Carl tells the interesting story how Reliving Mark became a reality.

The Muddy Jordan – Stories from Episode 1 – Watch Now!

Carl shares some of the surprising challenges his film team faced on their first day of filming in Israel.

The Peacock and the Storekeeper – Stories from Episode 2 – Watch Now!

Learn how Carl overcame a noisy peacock and a storekeeper who seemed determined to sidetrack Reliving Mark.

The Missile Attack – Stories from Episode 3 – Watch Now!

Discover how Carl found himself in the middle of a Syrian missile attack in the Golan Heights.

The Donkey and the Giant – Stories from Episode 4 – Watch Now!

See what insights Carl learned about the ministry of Jesus from a donkey and a giant.

How We Found “Our” Jesus – Stories from Episode 5 – Watch Now!

Carl tells the interesting story about how they found their Jesus character and the surprising interactions people had with him.

The Women and the Tomb – Stories from Episode 6 – Watch Now!

Carl shares special footage from inside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher as he talks about the challenges of filming at the site, and then shares about the interesting experience his team had with the women who acted in the episode.

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